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DOPAMITE™ | GetDopamite.com | Curb your food cravings and overcome your weight-loss struggles with DOPAMITE!


Perhaps you saw Dr. Oz discussing the critical role of dopamine on eating habits and weight loss
on his hit TV show May 13th. His “dopamine diet” includes foods high in the amino acid L-tyrosine,
which boosts brain dopamine levels and reduces cravings and overeating.

MHP’s DOPAMITE provides a powerful dose of N-acetyl L-tyrosine – a highly bioavailable form of
the dopamine boosting amino acid. DOPAMITE also contains select botanicals and other natural
ingredients that help boost dopamine levels. Dieting just got easier with DOPAMITE!
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Reward Yourself to a Leaner YOU! See the amazing results customers have achieved using DOPAMITE in their dieting and weight loss programs! 12 Week Transformations made possible using MHP's New DOPAMITE Fat Burner!
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What is Dopamite?

DOPAMITE works by helping your body balance a naturally occurring chemical known as dopamine in the reward system of your brain, a.k.a. “the fat burning control center”. Simply stated, when dopamine and your reward system are in balance, so are you, literally and figuratively. With DOPAMITE, dieting for weight-loss becomes a piece of cake!

By helping your body balance dopamine, DOPAMITE promotes normal healthy levels of energy, satisfaction, motivation and pleasure. The result: You’re less likely to seek out these sensations from food. This makes it easier to avoid overeating, burn fat, lose weight, and achieve the six pack set of abs you’ve always wanted.

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